CARU Questions Fruity Ad

The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (“CARU”) issued a press release today stating that food company Kellogg’s, which markets to children on children’s programming, has agreed to remove the tagline It’s the Fruit Snack with a Twist from its “Twistables” fruit-flavored snacks. The press release also stated that Kellogg’s has agreed to remove from its television ads, a voice-over stating that the product is “Made With Real Fruit.”

CARU was concerned that the use of “fruit snack” in the advertising and the voice-over stating that the product was “made with real fruit,” would give children the impression that the product was mostly fruit. Kellogg’s agreed to change the voice over to “fruit-flavored.” Very good, Kellogg’s. You get a (fruit-flavored, partially hydrogenated, made-with-real-fruit pieces) red apple.



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