What We Do / Litigation

We love what we do and our passion is evident in our work. It manifests itself in everything we do – from the letters and briefs we draft, to our live advocacy in depositions and court appearances. That passion translates to an understanding from judges, juries, and opposing counsel of who our clients are and what is important to them. The enthusiasm Cobalt attorneys have for the art of litigation and for putting forth the client’s most persuasive position is not lost on the audience before us, and such focus manifests itself in positive results.

Personality and enthusiasm, however, do not suggest a casual approach to the practice of law. Cobalt strives to avoid opaque legalese, and we express our clients’ positions clearly and concisely. We put tremendous thought into our litigation strategies and take pride in our intellectual rigor. We are ethical. We do not “play dirty” or engage in unnecessary brinksmanship. Strategy, effort, and strength of our words, not volume, win cases.

Each case is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach to litigation does not serve our clients’ needs. A flexible, measured approach to each adverse proceeding ensures Cobalt clients receive reasoned advocacy designed to yield results. Not surprisingly, this approach also provides clients with better value.

Moreover, because Cobalt considers strategies for each case based on its individual facts, we are open to alternative billing arrangements that best serve the viability of the matter and the needs of the clients. Notwithstanding the unpredictability of litigation, Cobalt can and does work with clients to create strategies and budgets that help reduce surprises and make proceedings manageable throughout the lifecycle of the litigation. Litigation can be unpredictable, that is why using a legal discovery process checklist can help with managing any upcoming surprises and be not only helpful to us but for who is going through the legal process.

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