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Michael Traynor
Publications and Selected Speeches

Jurisdiction, Choice of Law, Judgments, and International Law

  • The Corruption Defense to Recognition of a Foreign
    Judgment, 34 U. Pa. J. Int’l L. 755 (2013).
  • Foreign Judgments: Is “System Fairness” Sufficient or Is “Specific Fairness” Also Required for Recognition and Enforcement? , 10 Publicist (Winter 2012) (with Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.) (online publication of the Berkeley Journal of International Law), Foreign Judgments: Is “System Fairness” Sufficient or Is “Specific Fairness” Also Required for Recognition and Enforcement?.
  • Future of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States 18 Southwestern J. Int’l L. 5 (2011) (keynote address).
  • The ALI and World Trade Law, The ALI Reporter (Winter 2008).
  • The First Restatements and the Vision of the American Law Institute, Then and Now, 32 Southern Ill. L.J. 145 (2007) (in Symposium issue on the
    First Restatements).
  • The Restatement of Conflicts—Time for Another Look? The ALI Reporter (Fall 2007).
  • The Statement of Essential Human Rights—A Groundbreaking Venture The ALI Reporter (Part I, Winter 2007; Part II, Spring 2007).
  • A Heavenly Inquiry from Professor Juenger in Friedrich K. Juenger, Choice of Law and Multistate Justice xi (Spec. Ed. 2005).
  • Note on the Internet and International Issues of Personal Jurisdiction and Extraterritoriality,
    Issues for New Media Businesses in the New Millennium, Georgetown University Law Center for Continuing Legal Education (March 2003).
  • Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet: Emerging Trends and Future Directions (with Laura Pirri), 2 PLI, Sixth Annual Internet Law Institute 93 (2002).
  • International Law and the Restatement Third of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States The ALI Reporter (Fall 2002).
  • Conflict of Laws, Comparative Law, and the American Law Institute,
    49 Am. J. Comp. L. 391 (2001).
  • An Introductory Framework for Analyzing the Proposed Hague Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters: U.S. and European Perspectives, 6 Ann. Surv. Intl. and Comp. L. 1 (2000).
  • Personal Jurisdiction and the Internet: 1999 and Looking Ahead 2 PLI, Third Annual Internet Law Institute, PLI/60-0051 (1999).
  • Conflict of Laws: Professor Currie’s Restrained and Enlightened Forum 49 Calif. L. Rev. 845 (1961).

First Amendment, the Internet, Information Law, and Intellectual Property

  • Clarifying the Attribution Right in Scope and in Practice, ____ (forthcoming 2014)(with Katy Hutchinson).
  • Remedies for Small Copyright Claims: Response to Notice of Inquiry (letter to Maria A. Pallante, Register of Copyrights (January 13, 2012) (with Katherine C. Spelman and Sophie Cohen), http://www.copyright.gov/docs/smallclaims/comments (document 52); and testimony at 1 Public Hearing on Small Copyright Claims 79-80, 82-83, 96-97, 105-106, 120-121, 139-140 (Nov. 26, 2012).
  • Medical Marijuana: First Amendment and Ethics Issues American Lawyer Media, CLE Center (with Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr., Allen Hopper, and Renee Knake) (2011),
  • Some Open Questions About Intellectual Property Remedies, 14 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 453 (2010) (with Katy Hutchinson).
  • Enforcing Agreements and Facing Liability Abroad (with Edith Kinney), for the Fourth Annual Stanford E-Commerce Best Practices Conference: How to Deal with the Uncertainties of Online Business (2007).
  • Information Liability and the Challenges of Law Reform: An Introductory Note, in Jane K. Winn (ed.) Consumer Protection in the Age of the ‘Information Economy’ (2006).
  • Adapting Corporate Policies to the Laws of Different Countries for the Third Annual Stanford E-Commerce Best Practices Conference: How to Deal with the Uncertainties of Online Business (2006).
  • Secondary Liability for Inducing Copyright Infringement after
    MGM v. Grokster: Infringement-Prevention and Product Design, 9 Journal of Internet Law No. 6 at 21 (Dec. 2005) (with Matthew D. Brown, Orion Armon, and Lori Ploeger).
  • Anonymity and the Internet, 22 Computer & Internet Lawyer No. 2 at 1 (February 2005).
  • Anonymity and the Internet 1 PLI Seventh Annual Internet Law Institute at 993 PLI/6-754 (2003).
  • Hot Topics in Electronic Discovery (with Lori Ploeger), 4 ILB 295 (February 2003).
  • Geoffrey H. Palmer v. Truck Insurance Exchange: An Analysis of Insurance Coverage for Trademark Infringement 16 Santa Clara Computer and High Technology Law Journal, (2000) (with Alison Choppelas).
  • Publishing and Electronic Rights: The Tasini Case and Its Impact, 691 PLI/Pat 1119 (2002), reprinted in 3 ILB 539 (May 2002).
  • Countering the Excessive Subpoena for Scholarly Research,
    59 Law and Contemporary Problems 119 (1996).
  • Telemedicine: Every Citizen’s Interface: Health Diagnostics and Telemedicine National Academy of Sciences, Computer Sciences and Telecommunications Board (July 1996)
  • Defamation on the Web Daily Journal, California Law Business, April 29, 1996, p. 30.
  • Unifying Tort and Contract Law in the Age of Data: What Principles of Liability Are Applicable When Defective Information Causes Physical Harm or Economic Loss, Nat’l L.J., February 13, 1995, p. B5.
  • E‑Mail Authentication is Key Nat’l L.J., August 1, 1994, p. B9.
  • Computer E‑Mail Privacy Issues Unresolved Nat’l L.J., Jan. 31, 1994, p. S2.
  • Defamation Law: Shock Absorbers for Its Ride Into The Groves of Academe 16 J. College and University Law 373 (1990).
  • Protest Demonstrations: Checklist 25 Business Lawyer 1329 (1971).

Environmental Law

  • Note to the Next Generation 28 Environmental Forum 42 (Nov/Dec. 2011).
  • At Long Last, Some Action?, 26 Environmental Forum 36 (May/June 2009).
  • Global Warming: Science, Law, and Public Policy: Addressing Open Questions (RAND Institute for Civil Justice, Policy Breakfast, January 29, 2009).
  • On Environmental Law, Daedalus 116 (Summer 2003).
  • Unifying Environmental Protection in California Report of California EPA Unified Environmental Statute Commission (Co-chairman, with William K. Reilly) (Jan. 1997).
  • The Best From the Beginning: An Environmental Agenda for Our New President 19 San Francisco Attorney 8 (No. 1, Feb./Mar. 1993).
  • The Environmental Justice Movement: Two Cases In Point ABA Standing Committee on Environmental Law, 12 Environmental Law 3 (Fall/Winter 1992‑93) (with Nathalie Walker).
  • Filling the Leadership Vacuum—Clinton Has a Chance to Remedy 12 Years of Environmental Inaction Los Angeles Daily J. (Dec. 16, 1992).
  • What the Environmental Community Needs from the Scientific Community in the 1990’s: Knowledge, Vision, and Leadership,
    Health Effects Institute, Monterey, (Dec. 7, 1992).
  • The Best from the Beginning: An Environmental Agenda for Our New President, Seattle City Club (Nov. 5, 1992).
  • Advocates for the Environment, Cleveland City Club Forum (Aug. 31, 1992).
  • New Alliances Foster Change San Francisco Examiner, p. A‑19, April 22, 1992.
  • Wild by Law: Why the Environment Needs Good Lawyers Viewpoints on Values lecture series, The Laurel School, Shaker Heights, Ohio (Apr. 7, 1992).
  • Common Ground, Common Goals, Alliance for Justice, Washington,D.C. (Feb. 12, 1992).
  • A Better Vision: Progress, Challenge, and the Rescue of the Everglades, Everglades Coalition (Jan. 16, 1992).
  • The Fictional Environmental President 9 Environmental Law Forum 31 (Mar/Apr. 1992).
  • Officials, Not Loggers, Threaten Owl San Francisco Examiner, p. A‑15, February 15, 1992.

  • Statement on Behalf of the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, National Wildlife Federation, National Audubon Society, Sierra Club, and The Wilderness Society, in opposition to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Reorganization Act
    Hearings on S.948 Before the Subcomm. on Courts and Admin. Practice of the Senate Comm. on the Judiciary, 101st Cong., 1st Sess. (1990).
  • To Keep the Land Bright … A Conservation Action Corps 5 Cry California 34 (1969) (with T.H. Watkins).

Courts, the Legal Profession, the Rule of Law, and Citizenship

  • Remarks on Acceptance of Distinguished Service Award, 2011 ALI Proc. 65-66; for video presentation, see http://2011am.ali.org/videos.cfm?video_id=7.
  • Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.: Director Exemplar of the American Law Institute 158 U. Penn. L. Rev. 1317 (2010).
  • Review Essay, The Great Dissents of the “Lone Dissenter”: Justice Jesse W. Carter’s Twenty Tumultuous Years on the California Supreme Court 5 California Legal History 377 (2010).
  • The Death Penalty – It’s Unworkable Op-Ed, Los Angeles Times (February 4, 2010),
  • Charles Alan Wright Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law 602 (2009).
  • Liberty, Equality, and the Rule of Law, American Law Institute Annual Dinner, May 20, 2008, ALI, Remarks and Addresses at the 85th Annual Meeting, May 19-21, 2008, ALI Proceedings (2008), also available at http://www.ali.org/doc/Traynorspeech-5-20-08.pdf.
  • Commencement Address University of South Carolina School of Law (2007).
  • Surveillance, Exposure, Privacy, and New Technologies 60 Am. Acad. Arts & Sciences Bulletin No. 3 (2007) (Spring) p. 32 (moderator with panelists Nancy Van House and Deirdre Mulligan).
  • Remarks in Ethical Principles in Social-Behavioral Research on Terrorism: Probing the Parameters, 42-45 RAND Working Paper WR-490-1-NSF/DOJ (2007), at http://www.rand.org/pubs/working_papers/WR490-4/.
  • Remarks at Georgetown University Law Center and American Law Institute, Fair and Independent Courts: A Conference on the State of the Judiciary” (Sept. 28, 2006).
  • Judicial Independence: A Cornerstone of Liberty, 37 Golden Gate U. L. Rev. 101 (2007) (Constitution Day Lecture, September 18, 2006, in Jesse Carter Distinguished Speaker Series).
  • Citizenship in a Time of Repression, 2005 Wisc. Law Rev. 1 (Thomas Fairchild Lecture), republished in 35 Stetson L. Rev. No. 3 (Spring 2006) and, in abridged form, in 16 Experience No. 2, pp.16-22 (Winter 2006).
  • Judge Richard Arnold: His Collegiality and Concurring Opinions 58 Ark. Law Rev. 545 (2005).
  • The ALI and Proposed Statutes The ALI Reporter (Part I, Summer 2005; Part II, Fall 2005).
  • The Torture Question, Frontline website debate, accessible at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/torture/justify/2.html (2005).
  • In Response: The Ticking Bomb Contention 58 Bull., Am. Acad. Arts & Sciences No. 2, at 41 (Winter 2005).
  • Letter to Professor Philip B. Heymann and Dissenting Statement re Highly Coercive Interrogation (Dec. 16, 2004), at Belfer Center for International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/publication/2105/preserving_security_and_democratic_freedoms_in_the_war_on_terrorism.html (click as indicated for dissent).
  • Shirley S. Abrahamson: An Exemplar of the American Law Institute 67 Albany L. Rev. 651 (2004) (with Roswell B. Perkins).
  • Foreword, The Future of Transnational Civil Litigation xi (Mads Andenas, Neil Andrews, & Renato Nazzini eds. 2004).
  • John P. Frank: Foreword 35 Ariz. State L. J. 219 (2003).
  • Celebration Honoring James R. Browning 63 Mont. L. Rev. 251, 258-261 (2001) (remarks honoring Judge Browning).
  • Some Open Questions about Attorney-Client Privilege and Work Product in a Multidisciplinary Practice,
    36 Wake Forest L. Rev. 43 (2001).
  • Introductions of Speakers at Annual Meetings of the American Law Institute, 2001-2008 (parenthetical references are to the booklet published each year entitled Remarks and Addresses at the Annual Meeting and to the volume of ALI Proceedings for that year):
  • Shirley S. Abrahamson (2003);
  • Richard Shepard Arnold (2001);
  • Martha W. Barnett (2001);
  • Alfred P. Carlton, Jr. (2003);
  • James B. Comey (2004);
  • Sean Elias (2007);
  • Eugene R. Fidell (2007);
  • Kenneth Feinberg (2005);
  • Ronald M. George (2007);
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2008);
  • Alberto R. Gonzales (2002);
  • Michael Greco (2006);
  • Conrad K. Harper (2002);
  • Thelton E. Henderson (2006);
  • Patrick E. Higginbotham (2001);
  • Carolyn Dineen King (2008);
  • Harold Hongju Koh (2006);
  • Bevis Longstreth (2005);
  • Beverley McLachlin (2001);
  • William H. Neukom (2007);
  • Sandra Day O’Connor (2002; 2006);
  • Stewart G. Pollock (2006);
  • William H. Rehnquist (2001, 2004);
  • John G. Roberts, Jr. (2006);
  • Mary Robinson (2003);
  • Paul S. Sarbanes (2004);
  • Mary M. Schroeder (2007);
  • Anthony J. Scirica (2005);
  • Anne-Marie Slaughter (2005);
  • Dolores Korman Sloviter (2004);
  • Peter D. Trooboff (2003);
  • E. Norman Veasey (2008);
  • Patricia M. Wald (2002);
  • Diane P. Wood (2003).
  • Charles Alan Wright: The American Law Institute, in A Tribute, Charles Alan Wright, The Man and the Scholar 21 (2000).
  • ALI President’s Letters on Additional Selected Topics, 2000-2008 (references are to the issue of The ALI Reporter, also available at http://www.ali.org.
  • Valedictory (Spring 2008).
  • Judicial Independence: A Cornerstone of Liberty (Fall 2006).
  • The Proposed Final Draft (Spring 2005).
  • International Relevance of ALI’s Work (Winter 2005).
  • Officers of the Institute (Summer 2004).
  • The Substitute Motion (Spring 2004).
  • Restatements, Statutes, and Legislative Work (Winter 2004).
  • Proposing a Candidate for Membership (Fall 2003).
  • Regional Meetings (Summer 2003).
  • The Boskey Motion (Spring 2003).
  • The ALI and the Uniform Law Commissioners (Winter 2003).
  • The 2002 Annual Meeting (Spring 2002; Summer 2002).
  • The 2001 Annual Meeting (Spring 2001; Summer 2001).
  • On Leaving Clients at the Door (Winter 2001).
  • The Bench-Bar Breakfast — 2025, Keynote Remarks Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference, August 24, 2000.
  • The Pursuit of Happiness,
    52 Vand. L. Rev. 1025 (1999).
  • California Should Neither be Divided Nor Isolated Statement of Michael Traynor and Joseph P. Russoniello to the Commission on Structural Alternatives for the Federal Courts of Appeals, Public Hearing
    in San Francisco, California (May 29, 1998),


  • Where Do We Go From Here? in Conference Proceedings, The MacCrate Report: Building the Educational Continuum 125 (1994).
  • Lawsuits: First Resort or Last? 1978 Utah L. Rev. 635.
  • Public Responsibilities of Lawyers in the Future: What Are the Choices? 51 Calif. State Bar J. 293 (1976) (with Jane Harman).
  • The San Francisco Courts Committee: Four Years of Bench‑Bar Cooperation Bar Assn. of San Francisco Brief/Case 4 (Spring 1975) (with John A. Sutro and Richard B. Morris).
  • Foreword to Symposium: The State Courts in San Francisco: Judicial Initiative and Responsibility, Bar Assn. of San Francisco Brief/Case (Dec.
    1974; Spring 1975).
  • Settlement of Criminal Cases in San Francisco upon a Negotiated Plea of Guilty–A Panel Discussion Bar Assn. of San Francisco Brief/Case 18 (Dec. 1974) (Ed.).
  • Audio Visual Surveillance (Report of Bar Assn. of San Francisco on surveillance of corridors at federal court), 13 Calif. Trial Lawyers J. 11 (1974).
  • Report of Outgoing President 4 In Re (Bar Assn. of San Francisco) (Dec. 1973).
  • Criminal Justice: The Challenge of Leadership for the Organized Bar Bar Assn. of San Francisco Brief/Case 10 (Jan/Feb. 1973).
  • Address of Incoming President 4 In Re (Bar Assn. of San Francisco) (Jan. 1973).


  • Clinical Trials: Emerging Issues Regarding Globalization of Pharmaceutical Research; Insurance; Informed Consent; Securities Litigation; and Public Policy
    (with Erin Wallace), for ALI-ABA, Emerging Issues in Biotechnology Law (2007).
  • The Selfish Genome? (January 29, 2002) (keynote presentation at Washington University of St. Louis Conference on the Human Genome Project: Expanding the Conversation), video presentation accessible at http://law.wustl.edu/centeris/pages.aspx?id=1850.
  • The Right to Commercialize a Cell Line: A Comment on Miles, Inc. v. Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation 12 Biotechnology Law Report 99 (1993).
  • Biotechnology: Business Law and Regulation ALI-ABA Course of Study (1993) (co-chair and founder with Brian Cunningham, and speaker on products liability and biotechnology).
  • Biotechnology for Human Life and Health ‑‑ The Special Case for a Negligence-Only Rule to Promote Critical Innovation 6 High Tech. L. J. 1 (1991) (with Eleanor Fox).
  • Moore v. Regents of the University of California 13 Los Angeles Lawyer 38 (No. 7, Oct. 1990) (with Brian C. Cunningham, Lloyd R. Day, Louis M. Lupin & Gary H. Ritchey).
  • Biotechnology: New Marvels and Age‑Old Problems 27 CLE Review, No. 4 (1990) (address to the Council of the American Law Institute, December 6, 1989).
  • Emerging Product Liability Issues in Biotechnology 3 High Tech. L. J. 149 (1989) (with Brian C. Cunningham).

Restitution and Unjust Enrichment

  • The Restatement (Third) of Restitution and Unjust Enrichment: Some Introductory
    Suggestions, 68 Wash. & Lee L. Rev. 899 (2011).
  • The Unjust Enrichment Claim in Moore v. Regents, 9 Biotechnology Law Report 240 (1990).

Products Liability and Tort Law

  • Products Liability: The Reasonable Alternative Design Test, The Learned Intermediary Rule, and Recent Developments ALI-ABA Course of Study: United States Domestic and International Litigation and Dispute Resolution, (London, April 2002).
  • Public Sanctions, Private Liability, and Judicial Responsibility, 36 Willamette L. Rev. 787 (2000).
  • Recent Developments in Products Liability ALI-ABA Course of Study on Civil Litigation (August 1999).
  • Clinical Trials: Products Liability and Informed Consent Nat’l L.J., November 18, 1996, p. B6.
  • Clinical Trials: Emerging Products Liability and Insurance Issues, ALI-ABA Course of Study, Products Liability, July 19-20, 1996.
  • California Cases Afford Relief to Banks from Claims of Bad Faith 4 Banking Law Review 39 (1992) (interview).
  • Costs and Compensation Paid in Aviation Accident Litigation R‑3421‑ICJ, Institute for Civil Justice, The RAND Corporation (1988) (with James S. Kakalik, Elizabeth M. King, Patricia A. Ebener, and Larry Picus).
  • Aviation Accident Litigation Survey: Data Collection Forms N‑2773‑ICJ, Institute for Civil Justice, The RAND Corporation (1988) (with James S. Kakalik, Elizabeth M. King, Patricia A. Ebener, and Larry Picus).
  • Bad Faith Breach of a Commercial Contract: A Comment on the Seaman’s Case 8 State Bar Business Law News 1 (1984).

Nonprofit Corporations

  • Nontax Considerations Before Incorporation in 1 CEB, Advising California Nonprofit Corporations, chapter 2 (2d. Ed. 2006) (with Kenneth L. Guernsey and Matthew D. Brown).

Opinions of the California Attorney General

  • Conflicting Ballot Propositions, 37 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 52 (1961).
  • Conflict of Interest, 40 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 213 (1962); 42 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 151 (1963).
  • Incompatible Offices, 37 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 21 (1961); 38 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 113 (1961); 38 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 121 (1961); 39 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen.
    191 (1962); 40 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. (1962); 40 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 238 (1962); 41 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 98 (1963); 42 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 7 (1963).
  • Quo Warranto, 40 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 78 (1962); 43 Ops. Cal. Atty. Gen. 97 (1963).



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