Mike Tyson’s Latest Fight: The Former Champ Is Sued For Trademark Infringement.

Just when he thought it was safe to go back in the water (or the boxing ring as the case may be), it appears that Mike Tyson’s legal troubles continue to fight on. The latest contender is Michael Wayne Landrum, a former boxer (turned paralegal according to his complaint) who probably wouldn’t last long in the ring with Mike Tyson but is suing the former champ for $115,000,000 for trademark infringement based on Tyson’s use of the name “Iron Mike”.

In round one of the recently filed complaint with the California Central District Court, Landrum, who is duking out his own legal representation, contends he owns trademark rights in the name “Iron Mike.” Although Landrum claims to have a federal trademark registration for the mark IRON MIKE, the court is likely to call foul as Landrum appears to have confused his California state trademark registration (which he does apparently own) with the national protection of federal registration (which he does not appear to own).

While Landrum does attach a 1996 letter from the California State Athletic Commission, which states his professional ring name was “Iron Mike Landrum,” and his California state registration (which claims a date of first use of November 1983), it remains to be seen whether such evidence will be enough to deliver TKO.

Stay tuned as the two contenders duke it out over several issues. Did Mike Tyson use the mark IRON MIKE to offer good/services or was it just a nickname bestowed upon him by his fans? Who used the mark first and in connection with what goods/services? Does Mike Tyson’s fame make confusion unlikely? Did Landrum wait to long to bring these claims? Are Landrum’s rights limited to California only?

If the author were of the betting type, the wager would certainly be placed in Tyson’s corner! Stay tuned for round two.



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