New Facebook Policy Affects Trademark Owners : If You Did Not Reserve Your Registered Trademarks With Facebook On Time, Here is Your Recourse


As of last Saturday, Facebook users have been able to register personalized URLs of their choice for their Facebook home page (e.g., Approximately 5.75 million users signed up for their own URL over the weekend (also called “Vanity URLs”).

These new usernames could potentially be anything, including someone else’s trademark. To help trademark owners prevent hijacking of their marks, Facebook put in place a temporary procedure for trademark owners to “reserve” their registered trademarks with Facebook in advance and prevent the creation of URLs associated with those marks. Facebook has now closed this reservation period.

So what can trademark owners do who did not register their trademarks with Facebook and discover unauthorized URLs? They can request removal by contacting Facebook via this notice form. The procedure is fairly straightforward. You do not need to be registered on Facebook to use it.

So go to Facebook, check possible URLs containing your marks and, if you discover unauthorized uses, take action sooner rather than later.



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