New Logo Turns Office On Its, Uh, Side.


Design companies frequently test new designs and logos by making certain the logos or colors used don’t give rise to foreign translation problems or color combinations that are offensive in other cultures. Looks like they’ll have to add the “racy logo” test to the checklist.

Last week, the Office of Government Commerce in England unveiled its new £14,000 logo. And while cultural comparisons may have been done, evidently no one bothered to turn the logo 90 degrees to the right. Within days after unveiling the new logo, the world was in hysterics over the new logo, which, true to its goal, was designed to “drive up standards and capability in procurement.

The office souvenir shop has been completely stripped of all products, and are expected to be appearing on online auction sites. There are no plans to change the logo.

Practice Pointer: The author would like to point out the extraordinary restraint she used in reporting this story.



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