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The TTAB recently released a non-precedential opinion cancelling registration of this mark, and rejecting registrant’s parody defense. Where will this opinion fall in the lineup of parody cases? The opinion arose out of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation’s cancellation proceeding against Thread Pit, Inc.’s registration of the above-referenced mark in connection with t-shirts and collared polo …

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Recently, news of California medical marijuana dispensaries selling a strain called “Linsanity” set loose Jeremy Lin’s lawyers—demand letters a flurry allegedly seeking apologies. This isn’t the first time a celebrity name has been used in connection with medical marijuana—does Tom Cruise Purple, aka Purple Cruise ring a bell? Lin’s trademark attorney, Pamela Deese, commented to …

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The estate of rock legend Jimi Hendrix won a trademark infringement lawsuit against a Seattle, Washington-based businessman who used the star’s name and image to promote his brand of vodka. In Experience Hendrix LLC et al v. Electric Hendrix LLC et al, Case No. 2:07-cv-00338-TSZ (W.D. Wash. 2009). a U.S. District Court judge ruled HENDRIX …

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