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The California legislature has been busy, some might say spending California tax dollars on frivolous new laws that are muddied with ambiguity, unnecessarily over-burdensome, potentially violative of the First Amendment, and not likely to amount to significant consumer protection. Two new privacy laws, scheduled to take effect in 2014 and 2015 are likely to pose challenges for website owners, and – for at least one — face challenges in the courts.

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Since its release in March, 2013, “.com Disclosures” is the new hot read among ad law geeks and insomniacs, but it should be on the desk of every mobile and digital marketing executive in America. The FTC is taking the hard line when it comes to disclosures on electronic and tiny screens, and failure to …

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If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s not OK to lie. Increasingly, the FTC is going digital-rambo against false advertisers, and the states are following (law)suit. Lifestyle Lift, a cosmetics company has just settled with New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for publishing fake reviews about its cosmetic facelift process. According to documents …

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PBM Products, LLC, which makes infant formula for big box stores like Kroger, WalMart, Sam’s Club, and Target, sued Mead Johnson, claiming the Enfamil maker made false statements regarding its ENFAMIL baby formula. Mead Johnson’s new direct mail campaign states ”Enfamil LIPIL’s unique formulation is not available in any store brand.” Worse, the suit claims, …

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On the heels of releasing its new advertising guidelines, the FTC is wasting no time in going after individuals and companies it believes have crossed the line in their advertising practices. Long a thorn in the side of the FTC, the weight loss market is taking the first hit. Last month, the FTC sought injunctive …

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The FTC has, since the 1980’s, been actively involved in regulating endorsement and testimonial advertising that is designed to entice consumers into choosing products based upon “real life” experience (or the promise of success from a reputable source). Its guidelines help define the scope of testimonial and endorsement advertising. They point out, generally, if a …

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