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The TTAB recently released a non-precedential opinion cancelling registration of this mark, and rejecting registrant’s parody defense. Where will this opinion fall in the lineup of parody cases? The opinion arose out of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation’s cancellation proceeding against Thread Pit, Inc.’s registration of the above-referenced mark in connection with t-shirts and collared polo …

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A recent ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (“TTAB”) serves as a good reminder of the importance of ensuring proper and sufficient trademark use on the goods and services for which a registration is sought. Albeit a seemingly simple concept, it threatens to be the achilles heel for many trademark owners who find …

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OpBiz, LLC hearts The TTAB, which ruled recently that OpBiz’ application to register HEART for “cocktail lounges, restaurant and bar services” was not confusingly similar to the registration KOKORO for “restaurant service.” In deciding the matter, the TTAB underscored a position it has taken in the past, namely, that the doctrine of foreign equivalents may …

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