Trademark and Copyright

Trademark and Copyright

Cobalt guides clients though each step of the trademark and copyright development and protection process – from selection, to clearance, to prosecution. We assist clients in all aspects of administrative and transactional matters that support their IP portfolios.

  1. Searches
  2. Prosecution
  3. Recording intellectual property with U.S. Customs
  4. Licensing
  5. Assignments
  6. Anonymous acquisition
  7. Disputes

Doing business on the Internet involves regulatory issues as well as private party negotiations. We help clients navigate all of these issues, including:

  1. Compliance with intellectual property safe harbor provisions
  2. Streaming music and video
  3. Linking and framing issues
  4. Web scraping and crawling
  5. Document protection
  6. Collection of data in preparation for litigation

Let us show you the value of our experience and know-how in protecting your intellectual property assets and conducting business online safely and skillfully.

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